Social Media Effects Teenagers

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How Social Media Effects Teenagers
The How and Why of Choosing the Subject

My goal for this project is to inform teenagers about the risks associated with social media and how they can avoid it. Teens have turned social media into a crutch for verbal social contact. Instead of having experience out in the real world with friends and family, teens have become attached and dependent on social media. In my project, I wish to show that this is happening not to someone you do not know, but someone you do. I wish to tell why social media is a dangerous platform that has taken a hold of teenagers lives. I wish to inform teens on the effects of using social media both in what is happening to their brains and bodies now and what will happen
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These effects can include the feeling of loss of privacy, a disconnect from reality, a lowered sense of self-esteem, a loss of vital social skills, a feeling of loneliness, and a feeling of jealousy, (Ehmke, Jakobsons, Ramasubbu). Along with these effects, there is a also a connection with them and cyberbullying and/or sexting. These two practices, either combined or seperated, can cause the listed problems for teens, who are either the victim or the perpetrator. With all of the bad that comes from social media, it does not mean that it should be shoved in a corner and forgotten. Instead, it should be used sparingly and have set limitations on how often it should be used. Teenagers should slow down their consumption of social media content and instead of having it all at once, have it in short bursts periodically. Social media is a wonderful tool that brings different people together, but it can become an addiction that is hard to break. It can be used to make new friends, to express opinions with others, and to bring like minded people together to make some sort of achievement. Social media is a tool, not a toy. If it is used as a toy, then the physical, psychological, or physiological conditions and feelings will occur. Social media is both a toxic platform and a beneficial one, it only depends on how it is used by an
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