Social Media Elderly

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While children, teens, and younger aged adults have had a rapid increase in social media changes, the percent of older adults still remains below 50%. Over the past year (2014), a social network for older adults doubled it went from 22 percent to 42 percent in one year (Lau). Older people are not very technological advanced, so they tend to rely on email, but some do have Facebook. There are many reasons why social media is good for elderly adults. The first reason is they will stay close and connected with their younger family members. Older individuals would be able to see all the posts and pictures that the family members post. Two, they would able to communicate and talk with their family and friends. Many elderly personal are retired…show more content…
Social media has tricked the viewers into becoming “blind” and not knowing the different between rumor and truth. Human relationships and social media are impossible because it is not a human relationship, you are communicating over the phone. Social media has also affected our views on our own intelligence. We think something is good but then view something on social media and change our mind. It is starting to control what we are thinking and our actions. Our knowledge of social media is way over our heads. People in today’s society think that they are so smart and know everything about the internet and what goes on in the social media world, but in reality, we have no clue, we know a very small piece of that huge social media picture. Finally, education and social media have been going back and forth for a few years. There have been results that show that social media help and hinder education and learning. The help with social media is better communication with the teacher, and the hinder is that the students get distracted and do not pay attention. Susana Gomez wrote in her article that having the option of learning something that is relevant to the person’s life, like learning about technology and social media, they are more in favor of learning about those topics. (Gomez) Overall, social media can be a helpful, but also a hinder. Social media is useful for communication, and keeping in touch with friends. But, on the other side social media can be deceiving and hard to differentiate truth from lies. Those examples show why social media is making it harder to differentiate between the truth and the lies in today’s
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