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Social media
Social media is media online that many people can use. From teenagers to adults using social media. Even children also use social media in daily life. From social media, we can explore anything and everything that we want. Social can connect to computer, laptop, smartphone and smart television. But, social media must connect to internet. Without internet, we can’t access social media and we can’t do anything, like streaming, searching and chatting.
Social media is one of the development of technology that has a very important role in providing convenience to communicate and socialize. As time as goes by, social media continues to grow and many use of social media. Social media usage patterns not only have a positive impact, but
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First, social media remove restrictions on social constrains. In social media there is no limit of space and time so they can freely socialize, communicate and use it wherever and whenever they are. It is good, but it will make they forget about time and limitation that exist. Social media make us addicted that we can’t stop using social media. So, make people individualist, waste of time, didn’t care about their environment, and make didn’t are about their life. Second, social media have many risk. Like we care about the wrong thing, make we hate our real life and make we us love the life of the virtual world. Social media make the relationship between they, family and friends can break cause misunderstanding, and make us forget that we have a better the real world than the virtual world. Third, social media make our mental life broke. Like it can make us crazy because cyber bullying, terrors. For they who depression, they will make social media is their best friend who can understand and love them and make their life feel better but with the wrong way, and make their life worst. Fourth, social media became one of the media use to the criminal. Such as cheating buyers when their buying goods or product in online shop. The last but not least, social media is also a media and a place for bullying, spreading the disgrace of others, spreading slander and also spreading hoax
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