How Does Hacking Affect Society

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Communication has significantly changed over the years. Historically, the only way to communicate was to write a letter. Then, technology started to advance with the invention of the telephone in 1876. (Hochfelder, 2018, para.1). Technology continued to rise with the computer being invented around 1936 (“First programmable computer”, 2018, para. 4) which then brought us emailing in the 1970’s. (Peter, 2004, para. 6). With this rise of computer technology and finding faster ways for people to communicate, remain connected, share photos online and exchange thoughts or ideas. Social media has more recently become a forum whereby like-minded people are able to meet each other and if they so desire, begin meaningful relationships. This form of modern communication has several effects on family relationships and the health and well-being of individuals and community. More prominently, these include issues such as cyber bullying which has targeted the very young individual, some as young as eight years old to the older…show more content…
Computer hacking is the act of modifying computer hardware or software, in order to cause damage to sensitive data or to simply steal confidential information. (, 2018). The Internet is a chance for a computer to connect to the world, which also makes it susceptible to attacks from hackers. Computer hacking can be an indictable crime. Computer hacking is a fall foul of computer security. It can leak sensitive user data and risk user privacy. Hacking exposes confidential information of the user. Identity theft online is another important hacking effect. Hacking may also danger your national security and fraud also is another major effect of computer hacking. Overall, technology and social networking hugely effect the wellbeing of an individual by putting them at risk of cyberbullying and also largely effects the society by giving hackers a chance to expose and leak personal sensitive
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