Social Media Impact On Life

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Impact of Social Media on our Life
Social media, revolving and captivating millions around the world has proven to revolutionize the human ecology. The involvement of social media networks has rejigged the cogitation and actions of people. It has influenced them to use their fancy electronic devices primarily as a means to evolve into an emerging social lifestyle and be profound on the matters that surround them.
Since the advent of advanced technologies such as super computers and internet, connecting with individuals without sacrificing the intimacy of one-to-one communication became a popular trending topic during the beginning of the new millennium. The past and present has seen proliferation of social sites right from MySpace in the
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As the nations are becoming boundless without boundaries, the concept of the world becoming a global village is turning to be a reality. The rightful presence of online networking (both formal and informal) has functioned as a strengthening force of unity. Online networking with social media platforms are creating a rapid and viable communication that aide in everyday contact with relatives, families and acquaintances. The increased level of communication is helping to build relations by sharing common interests amongst one another. It not only helps us connect us with our friends and acquaintances within the circle but also helps us in connecting with the world easily. Facebook has delivered in being a platform to connect with people easily by letting them know what you are doing or where you are and even talk about your mood. All of these features make one know about another even without their physical presence. Social media helps in businesses too. Traditional marketing has turned obsolete and replaced by social media therefore enabling them to connect with their target customers easily with a low cost. Mediums such as LinkedIn helps businesses to connect for trade and it provides an area for individuals to seek job opportunities by building connections. Social media channels also provide an opportunity for bloggers, writers and other enthusiasts to share their…show more content…
So is with social media. In fact, the negative facet of social media has become rampant all over distorting and questioning the reputability and reliability of such mediums. Decline in productivity is one of the major negative impact of social media. The extensive utility of technology can hamper the daily routines of a student or an employee by making him/her conceive into an addiction. Emotional distress by the way of cyber bullying is another fatalistic approach in social media platforms. It is been proved that high levels of depression and anxiety leads to suicides. Lack of awareness of website privacy policies and procedures, an individual can unknowingly disclose information that is been seen by everyone. Facebook has privacy settings option that can limit the view of posts among an individual’s friend circle but many prefer to post their information publicly. Overall, social media can transcend an individual’s lifestyle by making cogitation and actions that produce negative reactions if used

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