Social Media Impact On Patient Privacy And Confidentiality

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Social media is a new phenomenon that did not exist 20 years ago. The idea of connecting with people through the computer has evolved quickly from nonexistence to a part many people’s daily lives. The use of social media has linked people from around the globe. People are able to exchange ideas living thousand of miles apart and several countries away. Healthcare professionals and organizations view social media as an avenue to facilitate patient engagement and improve the delivery of patient-centered care (Adams 293). Healthcare organizations have also began to use social media outlets to disseminate information quickly, advertise, collect data, as well as, educate large numbers of people. According to Gouda, medical studies were used to track epidemics and describe opinions and beliefs of health care consumers, while major healthcare organizations are using Twitter to engage patients, caregivers, and advocacy groups (Gouda 266).…show more content…
Patient privacy and confidentiality with social media is an issue because of its public nature, there are little regulations regarding the use of social media. In the Netherlands, policies have been developed to address this issue by educating professionals and patients about the need to consider the publicness and the permanence of online activities before posting comments about one’s own health (Adams
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