Social Media Impact On Public Health

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Social media, one of the great tool for sharing information, are used for various purposes in health like educational and promotional activities, communication of research findings and crisis readiness communication. In addition, online conference and webinar for health purpose, e-procurement of health commodities and telemedicine are some domains where we use social media. However, at the same time, it brings out various ill impacts on health directly or indirectly like cyberbullying, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, internet addiction and physical inactivity (boost factor for non-communicable diseases). As this field is new and being used in innovative ways in the field of health, issues of their effectiveness, privacy and confidentiality…show more content…
The key areas for social media in public health are health choices, health information, health research, identification of behaviors, career advancement (4), public health surveillance (5), appropriate intervention, strategies and health policy (4, 6), where they are being used innovatively. It is yet unclear how but dramatic growth of web 2.0 and online social networks offers immense potential for delivery of health behavior change encompassing but not limited to alcohol and tobacco consumption, dietary intake and physical activity.(7) Empowering patients/clients through e-counseling and webinar is another important aspect of health service management. Moreover, live tweeting provides current patient and possible patient with how medical procedures work.(8) Culture of such practices has developed in various parts of the world, mostly targeting HIV patients and drug addicts including sensitive health topics. A heady alteration in communication landscape with development in social media, presents new tools for engaging youth in sexual health promotion and risk reduction.(9) In addition, social media can be quick, low cost and direct way for nutrition education to broaden the scope of their targeted program. However, there has not been more study to figure out their cost…show more content…
Cyber victims and cyberbullies face more emotional and psychosomatic problems, which further leads to social difficulties and feeling of being unsafe. Cyberbullying is often associated to severe depressive symptoms, substance use and ideation, and suicide attempts. (15) There are other offline consequences of online victimization (as mind matures at last, in younger age bearing of peer pressures, which remains always connected, is not easy to handle as peer acceptance is important thing for them). On long run, it changes the concept of friendship and might affects culture, a determinant of health. Reduction in face-to-face communication due to increased use of social media, affects social relationship in daily life. Social media not only affects social dimension of health but largely interact with other dimensions. The possible physical manifestation in long term are obesity, diabetes (Australian institute of health and welfare), slowdown of metabolism (sitting long time), sedentary life style and weight gain. So called big demons of the over use of social media are depression, mania, anxiety, sleep deprivation, eating disorder and internet addiction (probably epidemic of this century), insecurity and FEMO (Fear of Missing Out), and a degree of anti-social behaviors. A study shows, greater distractions
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