Social Media Impact On Society

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In this paper I wrote about the possible effects of social media on both, individuals and the society as a whole. The first thing I do is illustrate today’s situation of social media with some research findings with specific aspects of focus. Technology are the possible consequence for our social behavior, there are many different interpretations related to social media. The way that people think is also part of the technology and the influence of social media. Social networks are social structures that serve as means of communication, to facilitate the dissemination of messages in information channels, shortening distances and times of sending messages, all this facilitating kinship relations, personal relationships, organizational relationships,…show more content…
Media can Create Awareness, Perpetuate Issues, and to Establish Priorities. Some functions of social media in society is to inform. People come to know what, when, where, who, why and how the things are happening. Another function is to educate, media educates people by giving information about different things like about food, health, employment, agriculture, technology, modernization etc. some positive impacts of social media in society is that it helps people keeping things in control, it shows people what they actually do and what they must do. Social media affect us by imitation, motivation, and identification.
Media is a big thing in society, but media should take responsibility to preserve other people, it should also understand the possible effects of their reports on public. Media should also had different programs for different ages. Social media has a big impact in our world and people depend on the media to know what is happening in the world around them, informing the decisions they
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Some positive ways is that it helps the businesses in many ways. However, with social media the business can connect with costumers for free, the only cost is energy and time. Considering the results of the various studies new research demonstrate interesting correlations between the use of social media and the effects on individuals and society.
Within a few years of social media has become a big part of the world. Specially in young people. Some of the first social media was twitter that was created in California in March of the year 2006. In this social network a lot of messages can be placed, they are called tweets, and they are accomplished by images, and videos that keep us informed of what is happening in the world today and in society. Many people in the world use this social network because communication is much more direct in short
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