Social Media Impact On Teenagers

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Social media effects on society and teenagers
What is social media?
Social media is a computer-based technology that facilitates the sharing of ideas and information, and the building of virtual networks. By design, social media is internet-based and offers users easy electronic communication of personal information and other content, such as
• Sharing links to interesting content produced by third parties
• Public updates to a profile, including information on current activities and even location data
• Sharing photos, videos and posts
• Commenting on the photos, posts, updates, videos and links shared by others
Social networking sites like Facebook allow a person to find and connect with just about anyone, Browsing these sites can make you
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Baidu Tieba (300M)
13. Skype (300M)
14. Viber (260M)
The Negative Impact on Teenagers

The teenage brain has confounded parents for generations. Now days, with the lives of most teenagers so heavily enmeshed in social media, it’s even harder for parents to know what’s truly going on behind the screens. Social media can give voice to the voiceless, accelerate and aid learning, and help people to feel supported and uplifted. Yet social media can also have a range of negative effects on teenagers, which include:

1. Brain Development: Social media can play a major role in a child’s environment and subsequently affect their developing brain by impacting how it processes information, reacts to situations, and remembers events. Current research indicates that a child’s brain development is shaped by social media use and exposure in the following ways:
• Adolescents suffering from internet addiction may, over time, experience structural changes in their brain and have lower grey matter. Teens who suffer from other addictive tendencies (i.e substance dependency) may, therefore, be predisposed to becoming addicted to social media and the
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There should be awareness programs in schools and universities that address the students to monitor the most important pros and cons for using social networking sites.
4. A number of conferences and seminars should be arranged that address the best means and technological action mechanisms to overcome or control in reducing the negative aspects of the using social networking sites by helping of programmers and specialists in information and communication technologies. 5. Use of volunteers from youth to address all members of the family, society and specially youth in New Media and Mass Communication of various gatherings both malls and markets or parks or gardens or recreational facilities or beaches through a campaign for raise awareness with the positive and negative aspects that resulting from using social networking sites, and it may be under the slogan (together to protect our youth against negative aspects of social networking sites).
6. Further studies should be conducted to create more pages for research and academic activities to enable Students improve in their academic performance, thereby avoiding a distraction which leads to deviation from their academic

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