Social Media In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

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Social media has a major effect on today’s society. People are being manipulated, influenced, and even brainwashed from apps and websites they use every day. Social media is used to hold social interactions, promote events or products, and keep people up to date on all kinds of news. Because social media can do so much for its users, it basically controls every aspect of their lives. In Aldous Huxley’s, “Brave New World”, social media wasn’t controlling their society, but other technologies like the Bokonovsky’s Process, the Feelies, and Soma were. In today’s society, social media platforms engage their users and are able to manipulate them by making social media use the reality, influencing people to be bolder and more outgoing, and sharing…show more content…
It is almost seen as uncommon or bizarre for someone to have no social media whatsoever. According to, the people who do not use social media claim that they do not have the time for it, they do not want to use it, or they are concerned for their privacy (Zfat). Most people use social media, in fact, 81% of U.S. citizens have used social media in 2017 ( Because so many people use social media it has become the customary thing for people to possess. It controls society because people make accounts and join websites because they feel the need to fit in and conform to everyone else in the world. Social media also creates a hierarchy on the basis of follower counts and number of likes. The more followers one has, the more popular their account , which then transmits to their actual popularity in real life. However, these social incentives are not the only things driving people to use social media and gain more followers. Material incentives, like money, can also be given to social media figures. Because people can make money off of the number of likes they get on a photo it creates this idea that people can make a living off of their
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