Social Media In Golf Essay

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At the peak of the career of golf superstar Tiger Woods, golf had reached a higher level of popularity than had ever been seen before. Fans tuned in to watch Woods dominate the game in an exciting, athletic manner. Many other started playing the game themselves, motivated by the unprecedented performances that Woods brought. As Woods began to fall into a downwards spiral of scandal and injury, however, the popularity of the sport seemed to do the same. With the game no longer marketing itself, golf needed something new that could breathe life and excitement back into it. After a few years of fairly sharp falls in popularity, golf has seen a substantial increase in participation; the sport can likely thank this growth to its new host of younger professionals, effective use of digital platforms and social media, and new programs and courses catered towards beginning and casual players. Many young golfers have recently risen to celebrity status on the PGA tour to provide the youthful and intense competitive spirit that…show more content…
In a world where the lives of most youths and many adults are dominated by social media usage, it is essential that it is used for marketing and awareness. Golf has managed to make a substantial surge in its own popularity on all social media sites recently. From following the fun times of young pros on vacation, to keeping up with or even watching major tournaments, golf has made itself much more accessible and appealing through its strides on the digital realm. This is evident when you look at the fact that the amount of young people playing golf has increased by nearly a quarter in the past year alone, and more people are trying golf for the first time than have since over a decade ago. The golf industry saw the need of social media popularity to stay relevant, and it did not back down to the
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