Social Media In Lao Culture

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Communication is the main factor in living of human beings that from talking confrontation until the era of social media, because it is an effect of globalization that makes the world smaller. Everybody uses social media which is used via network. Even Laos is smaller than other countries, but social media makes our nation wider. If we use it in the right way it will give positive to culture, including negative for wrong way because it is faster than words of mouth.

Social media can be a tool to commit in the part of Lao culture. There are a lot of problems which are caused by social media in recently, for it is wrongly used in public for own benefit. Culture is very sensitive and has meaning to Lao’s mind deeply. Whenever anybody does anything
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In other case, social media is a dangerous tool, that is, criminal groups try to ask for donations from social media usages by post mournful pictures for making attraction. Then, victims who are good will transfer them for some properties for donation because they believe what they see on social media was true and did the right things. Second, sexual video is a record of nude that always tries to advertise itself by popping up on webpage. Sexual video is not usual; accordingly, Lao culture to watch men try to abuse women or try to have a sex. It strongly lacks of morality and is very ashamed. It should not publish on Lao society. Similarly, some of women use social media for advertised selling sex through online media, and it ends under arrest. Third, violent news is one thing that can be created by somebody easily because they just write unreal combination with sad photos and press the button post. As we know that this is a modern era when news is pop up without any evidences, readers always give a comment and criticize in many different ways, also violent news is a sample to Lao youth, for people truly learn from notice surround gradually, and it enables to…show more content…
Due to there are many features on application on social media; thus, we can choose what to play, but mainly media applications that make our culture more positive through Facebook, YouTube, and Websites of organizations since they are easier to log in and reveal; moreover, they promote culture by sharing video, photos, context, and uploading on Facebook or YouTube as possible. It becomes the way of life and impacts on a large of culture in Laos. First, culture of diligence; Laotian is diligent in making a living in their life cycle, mainly in this day we look for work in advertisement on Facebook, which can post position vacancy. Lao never makes the employer being disappointed because we are responsible in every task that is handed over, in order for encouragement ethical diligence. It is possible to campaign via media online. Second, culture of food is handed on from generation to generation, for we learn to cook from our senior, like parents, apart from that we can improve taste of food better on Google. Mainly, it has a lot of recipes and high technic in order for adaptation to our unique food, so that we compete with internationalization, for we are a member of ASEAN which has different cultures joint in; as a result we are able to us social media to inform other nations to know what we have and it is a way to keep our culture of food for long last. Third, culture of
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