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Abstract This thesis examines the use of social media for public relations. Nowadays there is hardly an organization or a brand in operation that denies the power of social media. Social media has become the number one single online entertaining activity for individuals. The technological progress has changed the nature of communication by creating online social networks. Nowadays social networking websites are a very powerful communication channel in Public Relations. In terms of the market fluctuations and the information environment, organizations are in need of prompt and flexible tools of public relations to achieve the main goal of PR: creating awareness and creating a positive image of the organization. In these circumstances,…show more content…
Grunig and Hunt define public relations as the management of communication between an organisation and its publics. (1984) The purpose of PR is determined by various authors in different ways, but they all have something in common. A.N. Chumikova defines public relations as: «A system of information, analytical and procedural and technological actions aimed at harmonizing the relationships within a project as well as between the parties to the project and its external environment for the successful implementation of this project.» It is clear that each author has its own understanding of the essence of public relations and it is correct to use any of the provided interpretations. However, a more rigorous definition of public relations was made at the international association of PR - IPRA, according to which: «Public relations is a management function by which company or organization of public or private sector aims to acquire and maintain an understanding, sympathy and support for those with whom it interacts today or can be dealt with in the…show more content…
Therefore, in assessing the «activity» of a group it was decided to pay attention to the discussion. The average values for the group with 10,000 participants: 30-40 of the 50 messages in each. Under HC "Homeland" in the discussions presented three topics which, in turn, have no connection with the activities of the club and are not interesting for group members. 3) The number of messages on the wall On the wall of users upload photos, audio, video, ask questions, share information, solve problems, argue and get acquainted. close to publish the information on the wall is not necessary, because this is a very important element of the group. The user will not create a topic with a question to administrators, its comfortable to write it on the wall. The number of messages on the wall, the frequency of new posts, the number of comments to records and "likes" - all play an important role in assessing the activity of the users in the group. 4) Comments to photos and videos Many groups posted hundreds of videos and thousands of photos. Commented photos and videos, as well as the number of "likes" affect the determination of the activity of the

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