Social Media In Public Safety

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The Use of Social Media in Public Safety Agencies
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The Use of Social Media in Public Safety Agencies
The world has seen significant transformations over the past few decades many of which have shaped how the world operates. There have been numerous technological advancements and inventions that have enhanced the convenience and efficiency of daily life activities. One of the most notable innovations of the past few decades has been the development of the internet, and, in particular, the advent of social media. Social media is a fairly new concept that refers to the combination of various applications, software, websites, and devices that allows individuals to create and
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While many may believe that social media is an important component of building modern public safety agencies that work with the public to improve outcomes, many departments may lack the physical, technological, and financial resources to effectively utilize social media in practice. Further, the current literature does not provide an overview of best practices for social media use among public safety organizations. Leaders in these organizations seeking to build social media programs will need to spend countless hours reviewing the research to assemble an understanding of what is required to effectively build a social media…show more content…
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