Social Media In Schools

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“Social” Media
Have you ever wondered whether or not it is a good idea for students and teachers to interact with each other on sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Although at this moment in time it is not illegal for teachers to have pupils on social media it is very much frowned upon.
Every school has a different view on this topic - some schools believe that teachers should not even have social media while others feel that the teachers should be able to have pupils as friends. Many schools have some sort of rule on this topic and do realise that this can be an issue. There have been many problems with teachers having pupils on social media with one in ten misconducts between
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As far as the government goes they believe that it should be left to the individual school to make their own decision. In the United Kingdom alone over forty schools have passed policies regarding this problem. A law was passed in some countries that banned all teachers from using websites that only allow access to under eighteens. Soon after a judge granted to change the law because of the negative effect it would have on a teacher’s right to free speech. The law was then cut and is now left up to the individual schools to make their own rules. The reason for this is that the school can easily monitor what is said on the teacher’s social media as they have access to the allowed devices and all the content on the…show more content…
There is too much danger with having a pupil on social media, this is because teachers and pupils can develop inappropriate relationships which could lead to really bad things such as a sexual relationship. There are many cases of being “friends” with teachers on social media such as a soccer coach in Connecticut Snapchatted a video of himself masturbating to his pupils in his team. He stated that the incident was an accident and the snapchat was intended for his girlfriend, and whether that was the case or not he still lost his job. Also, Lee Butcher who was an English teacher taught at Garforth community college in Leeds and was found out to be talking to pupil inappropriately after a pupil's mother read parts of a Facebook conversation between the teacher and a former pupil. An investigation found that Butcher had been having inappropriate and sexual conversations with the 16-year-old over social media for over three months. They included comments about the former pupil posing for sexual photos over a webcam .During the conversations with the girl, Mr Butcher made sure she was alone and asked her not to tell anyone about them. The parent who found the messages believed they had also been sent to other pupils. Although there was no criminal action taken, Mr Butcher admitted to being unacceptable and breaking professional
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