Social Media In The 21st Century

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The Early Years
The 21 Century was called a century of information Systems. Social media made a huge impact in transforming business and communications. Social media and networking is the fastest way to grow a business entity. In 2000, many social networking sites emerged to ease interaction with people that share common interest in music, education, movies and so on. It also played a vital role in how businesses were able to manage their transactions and advertisements, and also their products.
The first recognizable social network site was launched in 1997. It was called In this site users were able to create a profile and list their friends. In 1998 the site added some functions so users were able to surf the Friends lists
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They were able to use it for personal or professional purpose. They were able to identify Friends on their personal profiles without seeking approval for those connections
At the start of the 21st century, social media received a great boost with a creation of a lot of social networking sites. This gave a great boost for interaction of individuals and the organizations who had common interest in music, education, movies and friendship, based on social networking. The most popular social media sites were Wikipedia (2015), Facebook (2015), Youtube (2015), Yahoo (2015) and others.
Facebook is the most popular social media site to date. It was announced in January 2009 that Facebook was is the most used social networking site worldwide. Facebook has over one billion users to
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There are a few communication channels in the business organization that include meetings, emails and phone calls. People do mistakes: it is easy to forget to send an email or miss to take a note during a meeting. Here comes social media- it helps to increase the communication and its effectiveness within the organization. People can simply send a message through a messanger and get a quick response. In this case time is saved and productivity is improved. It also resulted a better outcome and gave a better collaboration between team members.
Social media helps company to strengthen its brand and become more attractive to new potential customers and current employees. It will also let to build a good reputation for the organization. It is the best way to share knowledge and experience within the organization and increase effectiveness and communication of the team as employees and management can share project ideas. It also helps to receive a feedback and get customer service and support for the existing and potential customers. It helps to increases the morale of employees as they become members of a well-recognised

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