Social Media In The Hospitality Industry

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Having immense potential, the hospitality sector is growing at a rapid pace both at the national and global level. As this sector expands in diverse directions, there is a growing adaption of technology and resources across this sector. Built at a regional, national and local level, there are a number of sectors that comprise of the hospitality sectors; hotels and restaurants are a main part of this sector and contribute to a great source of their profit as well.
Tourism and hospitality are often considered the same and often overlap each other. However these are two distinct industries, though they are related to each other. Tourism is defined as people who go outside their usual environment generally for a period of less than one year. These
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The importance of social media marketing and its effects on customer care: Marketing professionals of a hotel are trained in such a manner that they can attract maximum number of customers and thereby help to increase the profits in a substantial manner. This means that hotels must learn new and innovative ways in which they can reach their target audience. Today the digital media has that power to engage and connect with audience across national and international locations. One of the fastest and most powerful tool of the digital media is social media. According to a recent survey called Worldwide Social Network Users in 2013, more than 20 per cent of the world’s population is using some form of social media or the other on a regular basis. This number is set to increase in the coming years and engagement on social media is one the most powerful drivers in the coming years. This means that any hospitality business which wants to stay ahead in the game will have to use digital mediums to connect with their customers in an enhanced manner. Instead of using marketing campaigns that are being used for decades, hospitality industry must use the internet to provide valuable information about their services and products to their target audience. Being active on social media can sometimes backfire as customers can use this medium to complain about their services. So hospitality sector must be ready to answer the questions of the customers as well in a prompt and sustainable…show more content…
Create systems that are intelligently integrated into the management system of hotels: Hotels and restaurants are completely based on customer relationships. And this means that these sectors will have had some kind of customer relationship management systems for years. However it is important that these systems are updated at regular intervals and integrate with the existing systems as well. Integrated managements systems that are high powered and technologically advanced are one of the main ways in which hotels can provide customers with improved and enhanced services. For example, customers when they book hotel stay they can be given the option of personalising their stay through various options like choice of welcome drink, temperature in the room and television facilities in the room. Once the customer has entered these data in the database of the hotel, hotels can create personalised experiences for the customers, making their stay memorable and unforgettable in the true sense. This is an important manner in which hotels can connect with their customers, because personalised experiences are something that helps companies to retain and expand their customer

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