Social Media In The Political World Essay

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Singh 4 Rajani Singh Professor Sherry Sharifian GOVT-2305-73431 4th March 2018 Social Media in the Political World Social media is the path through which different people from different corners can create and share content or participate in social networking. This media brings people close with one another in one sense than in other sense it takes people to be opened in the social networking. Depending on the people, some use this social media in the positive way whereas some use in negative way. People these days use the social media for each type of works. They are connected by social media in their day to day life. More than living in their real world, they relate to this media of life. 1 Yes, in my view social media is a good forum for…show more content…
3 He is mostly active on Facebook than Twitter. He had a recent post on March 1, 2018 where he thanked to the member of the Department of Homeland Security for making the America more safer and more secure. He also had the post on Feb 26, 2018 where he talks about the safety and security that Donald Trump is making for the children of the schools. Through his messages and posts he just make the people know the deeds of the government and the President. He has also so many posts that shows his daily activities of his life that he does. He has a post on Feb 2, 2018 where he posts about the 10 years of serving to the country in uniform and protecting the…show more content…
The elected leaders can use social media in the effective way and it is so convenient to the public to know in easy way by this social media. For examples, Donald Trump and Mike Pence can this social media in daily life and help the public know about their day to day works. In this way, both the leaders and the public get to know each other through the media. One can suggest and other can apply the suggestion and the country can run in better way with the proper use of the social media. When the elected leaders and the public have better relation, the country raises easily and social media play great for

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