Social Media In The Workplace

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Social media is used for social interactions, today one out of four individuals uses social media. Michael Haenlein define social media as "a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content[1]. Social media is used by organizations to communicate within the organization or to provide staff an alternative means of communication with each other. Americans spend 74 billion minutes or 20 percent of their time on social media science. Here are few fast facts, 3 out of four employees currently access social media once a day or more from personal mobile devices while at work and one third use social media at
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Almost 25% of the employee believes it acceptable to share opinion about work via social media and 15% say that their employer did something that they didn’t agree with, they would comment about them online. To despite this eye opening statistics fewer than 10% of the companies offering social media training to their employees and fewer than half have social media policies that extend to employees outside of work. The world of social media is growing exponentially, which has an impact on all stages of employment. Employers who fail to keep abreast of these developments may find themselves breaching laws and ethical standards…show more content…
Nowadays businesses can use popular social networks such as twitter and facebook to maintain the reputation of their brand and product’s. The use of blog by companies can establish themselves as expert in industry. The blog work as a company’s social homepage and points to each social platform by which they publish their content. A diverse collection of social platforms beyond just Facebook, Twitter and Youtube is important to gather a variety of links from different sources. [4].
Social media marketing is different from search engine marketing because social distribution takes to product discovery. Countless google searches take place every day, but if people haven’t heard of a company, then they will never discover the value of the products, unless the product is compatible with the social sites .To make the people aware of the company’s product ,blogs and social platforms are built to be shared, discussed and bookmarked. Only social media marketing can provide constant updates of the product to the fans, followers and
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