Social Media Influence On American Culture

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America is known to be described as the “melting pot” because of the many different cultures from all over the world. Some see it as this perfect place when it really isn’t that perfect. Social media plays a big part in this world because it influence and shape people’s behavior. Social media has put this idea in girl’s mind that they need to wear makeup and have the right body image to be pretty. This has made people self-conscious about their self. This problem has caused many problems in the American culture. My personal culture has helped me because it helps me accept who I am as a person. I know that I don’t have to live up to those certain standards and try to be like everyone else. I am my own person and I embrace it. The society I live is where everyone has their face covered in makeup or people becoming self-conscious of their body. I see and hear about famous people presenting different commercials advertising different makeup products. A mayor in London said…show more content…
All these girls were wearing makeup and tight clothes like they were grown, and I was shocked. Then my friends started to wear makeup to school and tried to convince me to wear it too. So one day in 7th grade I went home and asked “mom do you have makeup and if so, I could wear it to school.” “No I don’t but why do you want to wear makeup,” my mom said. Once I told her my reason why she just handed me so lip-gloss, and told me “that’s as close as I am getting into wearing makeup. She once told me “that I am beautiful all ready and wearing make will only mess up your face.” “How?” “When people wear makeup and don’t take it off and then they start to break out and get pimples all on their face. And then they really think they are going to need that makeup to cover their face.” So the next day I ended up going to school with only a thing of lip-gloss. Day after day I kept on seeing my friend with makeup and I just

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