Social Media's Negative Influence On Body Image

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We live in an era where social media has been everywhere and it has impacted many people. Everyone is obsessed with their bodies and ‘fixing’ ourselves has become a daily activity. The perfect body type is having ; thin and long hair, curves, flawless skin, big waist with a flat stomach, thick eyebrows, nice slim nose, big lips and much more. The media influenced this type of body image a person “should have “.During these decades, the beauty and diet industries are all over magazines, advertisement and all types of social media. These industries are filled with thinness ideals and it makes people feel unsatisfied with their body. Even young girls between the ages 6-8 have stated that they will like to have a good body. It’s disappointing because…show more content…
It also brings your self-esteem down. It can change the way you feel, see and value yourself. People will see many models on commercials and social media that they decide to compare themselves to them. This can affect your mental health. Meanwhile, people do not realize that it can also affect you in an emotional way. You will feel bad about your body that it can make you depressed. When you already start to realize “what is wrong” with your body, you will not realize that it is affecting you mentally and emotionally. People bring themselves down because of these images they are portraying. A study was found that one third of inpatient adolescents had problematic body image concerns. Author Jennifer Kittler says, ‘This is important because distressing and impairing body image concerns appear to be very prevalent among adolescents with psychiatric illnesses and are related to a higher degree of distress’. Many people do not understand how bad this can

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