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Both big and small companies are realizing the importance of Social Media influence on the public and how fast they need to adopt methodologies in this sphere. Businesses try to seek attention of such audiences and come up with an online sales promotion idea to increase their vitality online. Sometimes they send them free samples, coupons or discount offers. They don’t miss any such opportunities!
A customer nowadays looks at the social media marketing campaigns and often gets influenced. Before making any purchase, be it a car or a camera, a book or a laptop, one first approaches the social media for primary research. Social Media is playing a vital role to provide convenience and service support to both, the customers and the business.
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What attracts the customers, rather potential customers more, are promotional sales and discounts. Brands often do a lot of engagement activities online and create viral atmosphere online. Very recently, Asian Paints came with the competition wherein participants had to create their own “Wall of Decor” and the winner’s design will be incorporated as one of their Decor Styles in the business. Here, the companies directly touch the sentiments of the customers and create the positive vibe about their brand.
Twitter is one of the most recognized social media means wherein people follow businesses for promotional sales and discounts. Any twitter user, on average, follows minimum 3 brands. Pinterest tops the list when it comes to luxury brands. The specialty retailers are increasing everyday on Pinterest and it still has a long way to go! A few Brands have also tried to explore Instagram by posting at least one picture per week on their accounts. Luxury retail, luxury auto and clothing are some of the categories which have visible brands and are socially active on Instagram. Though not widely used, it is yet another social media marketing channel that is gaining
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It not only requires huge funds but also time and physical efforts. With Social media marketing on board, both, the customers and the businesses, are able to save their time and make wise decisions without much physical efforts. Businesses reach out to huge masses at once and for them, communication with each customer has become convenient and easier. Most importantly, it is cheaper!
Customer Service and feedback are two other prime reasons. Social media platform gives customers to openly speak about their feedback. It also keeps the companies on their toes so as to respond to their customers in no span of time so as to retain them and keep them happy. Customers give open feedback on social networking sites about their experience with a particular company/product/brands and such stories help the businesses to understand their target audiences better. Products can therefore be improved or customized as per the requirement.
One must think about customers first and then about the business. It is only then, one can be successful. Especially on Facebook, the same tactic to lure one segment may not be correctly applicable to another. One must be cautious so that we don’t offend or bother our

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