Social Media Influence On E-Commerce

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The combined forces of Social, Mobility, Cloud and Analytics (SMAC) have taken a mighty form capable of driving the Information Technology side of Businesses to a very high level. It has this ability to help businesses (any sector) grow faster, better and cheaper.
Not surprisingly, the influence of SMAC on the E-Commerce sector, which is a business that is on the rise, is huge. Let us see how these 4 ingredients influence the E-Commerce sector. 1. Social: Facebook has more than 1.2 billion monthly active users . Add to that the 70 million people using Pinterest and the 200 million active users of Twitter – together we get the biggest platform to market the products. Setting up a strong social media marketing program and protecting your brand
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As seen above, although studies reveal that less than 5 percent of sales coming from social media , they indeed play a huge role, albeit a supplementary one. It acts as a ‘assisting channel’, which builds awareness, consideration, and intent in the customer. Social media functions as a means to influence purchases rather than be directly responsible for them. In addition to this, Social media can benefit e-commerce in the following ways:
• Promote brand awareness: social media marketing generated more business exposure.
• Help overcome customer reluctance to purchase: Social media can serve as a channel to help consumers overcome their buying reluctance, mainly by serving as a catalyst for ‘word of mouth’
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Cloud Computing would solve the problems that mobile e-commerce is facing if the mobile terminal can be connected to the Cloud.
And add to it the advantages of cloud computing like being virtual, easily securable, and flexible and being scalable, we can say for sure use of cloud in e-commerce is here to stay.
The SMAC phenomenon is emerging as the most important force for global businesses. SMAC technology is spreading faster than any other in the recent past. Some experts in the field have predicted that by 2020 SMAC will account for $5 trillion of the total spending by customers. Each elements of SMAC has had an effect on the businesses, e-commerce in particular. In E-commerce, SMAC is seen opening up huge opportunity not only to grow revenues by increased marketing to new customers, but also to bring in operational efficiency and transform the customer

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