Social Media Impact On Fashion Essay

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Nowadays, there has been an increasing amount of literature on the impact of social media on consumer behavior in Luxury fashion brands. " Luxury is a relative term that could refer to almost anything or nothing depending on whom you ask. In addition, luxury has today become an inflationary used and worn out the label for almost anything" (Berry, 1994:3; Vickers & Renand, 2003:460 in Hein, 2012). Furthermore, the best of everything is used in the Luxury sector. These are the best designs, the best materials, the best merchandising and the best packaging. (Ko &Megehee, 2012). This research paper is intended to examine luxury fashion brands, and will demonstrate the impact of social media on consumer behavior in Luxury fashion brands. The research paper consists of three parts; the first part provides a definition of luxury fashion brands. The second part focuses on the definition of Social Media. The…show more content…
According to Kim & Ko (2010:1481), " social media can have a dramatic impact on a brand 's reputation". In other words, customers are following luxury fashion brands blogs and when they have published some their works or brands missions, it impacts on a brand 's reputation. For example, "Dolce & Gabbana uses social media in order to get direct feedback from its customers. Dolce & Gabbana invites fashion bloggers to the front seats of its fashion shows, and the bloggers instantly upload feedback from the show on Facebook and Twitter." (Kim & Ko, 2010:1481). In other words, designers learn that immediately customers liked or disliked the product along with social media tools, such as Facebook and Twitter. On the other hand, customers can see the all luxury fashion products before the store and they like it on social media. After that customers want to go directly to the store to buy that product. In this way, customers can shop more quickly and are able to distinguish themselves more

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