Social Media Influence On Mexican Culture

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Technology sources play a significant role in the acculturation of the Mexican culture. Social media has a positive as well as a negative effect of Mexican culture. However, Mexican- Americans have long suffered from the effects of racial stereotyping that are shallow and embellished depiction of a struggling culture. The media has displayed Mexicans as lazy, stupid, and criminals. Non-Mexicans have strongly been influenced by the media, entertainment, and news. These negative perceptions have contributed to prejudices and discrimination of the Mexican people. Most people who have these negative perceptions of the individuals in this culture have little to no direct exposure to the culture. If society has direct exposure to the culture, it would reveal a culture that is hardworking and grateful to be here in the United States. Mexicans are often working jobs that Americans believe they are too inferior to work. However, Mexicans come to America in hopes to be able to provide for their familismo (family), give their children a better life and education opportunity, despite working hard jobs with long hours and little pay…show more content…
Maria was open with me because I had her son on probation for six months. It was my job to work towards what was in the best interest of her son. Maria held me in high regards and was pleased with the service I provided to ensure her son would be successful completing his probation conditions. This interpersonal relationship is known as personalismo (Hays & Erford, 2014). As a result of having her son 's best interest, Maria and I established a trusting relationship. I’ve learned that this type of relationship is known as confianza (Hays et al., 2014). According to Hays, personalismo and confianza are important facets for establishing rapport wih counseling the Mexican culture (Hays et al., 2014). Marie could trust me with sharing her background and cultural

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