Social Media Influence On Society

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In recent years, we have witnessed an ever growing swelling in the use of social media and networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. In particular, it is the younger generations that attach importance to this new and modern method of connecting with friends and meeting new people. This raises the question, how is social networking impacting society?
In response to your article on the influence of social networking I have a number of strong feelings and concerns. Throughout your article there are a number of points by which I can relate to regarding the ‘disturbing’ growth of ‘social tools’. As I am a young adult in the modern era of technology, it is easy for me to recognize the stresses and negative influences that technology imposes on us. Even though the rapid advancement of technology has proved to be enjoyable and significantly useful, it has caused numerous social detriments to our lives. Therefore, I strongly agree that social networking is a negative influence on society.
Firstly, you raised an interesting point that online communities allow people ‘to get support, education, and even promote and sell products.’ I understand your perspective seeing that it is certainly evident that social media has enhanced both the level and speed of ‘education’. In addition, it has created an effective method of advertisement as well as an easier way of purchasing such ‘products’. However, I would like to point out the fact that youngsters these days tend to use
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