Social Media Informative Speech

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A. Attention getter: Everybody use social media these days like twitter, Facebook, snapchat and instagram. But the majority of these people do not know the risks of it. B. Audience Relevance: In the article on The Windows Club written by Arun Kumar in April 29, 2014, he tells us that over posting things in our profiles is very dangerous because people can use what you post to hurt you. for example, they can use the information you post to know where are you, what you like and what you do not, and to make fake accounts. Does not matter if your account is private or not, today there are many apps that you can use to manipulate your information and use it incorrectly. C. Speaker Credibility: I 'm a credible source because I spend time searching…show more content…
III. Main point 2 (causes) A. Sub point A: cause 1: In the article on The California Aggie written by Alissa Reyes in February 14, 2014, she says that people are being fired from their jobs because their bosses found inappropriate posts on their social media. Also, she says that the majority of companies are using tools which help them see the accounts of its employees B. Sub point B: cause 2: In the article on written by Dave Roos, he says that hacking on social media requires a few technical skills. it does not require many technical skills because some people are not aware of privacy settings or they just decide not to use it. Also, he says that hacking an account in social media is a psychological game because the only thing they need to unlock the account is the information they have on their profiles. Transition to MP3: After saying the causes of why people should be careful on what they put on social media, and why people hack social media account, I will conclude my speech by talking about how we can solve these problems IV. Main point 3
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