Social Media Is A Social Instrument Of Communication

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Social media is a social instrument of communication (Nations, 2015). In today’s world, 74% of Internet users are active users of social media. Social media ranges from blogs, social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc to file sharing networks. The use of social media allows fast dissemination of news and allows people to interact without the consideration of geographical constraints. However, social media has also caused problems to arise from it. One such problem is cyber bulling. Cyber bulling is bullying that takes place through information technology to cause harm or harass people in a deliberate manner (Stopbullying, 2015). Cyber bulling may seem less harmful that other forms of bully as there is no physical contact, but in reality, this may cause stress psychologically. Some have been driven to depression, physical bullying and even suicide. However, this problem can be rectified through a few approaches: government approach and social approach.

According to a recent state-funded survey, one out of four South Korean students have been the subjects of cyber bullying. Harassment online ranges from having their private information leaked to receiving threats via smartphone (S.Kwaak, 2014). On 2nd October 2008, famous South Korean actress Choi Jin Sil was found dead at her apartment. She was depressed due to the malicious comments on the Internet, which eventually led to her death (Veale, 2008). This has brought light to the situation of cyber

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