Social Media Is Good Essay

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Social Media: A Good Thing or Not?
What is Social Media? Social media is a phrase that is very trendy recently. These are words that people commonly throw around a lot. Social media is sometimes used in describing what people post on websites or apps in the internet like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and others. This term is somewhat basically used to describe any websites on the internet today. Perhaps, instead of complicating things, to clearly understand the meaning of social media is to break it down to simpler terms. The “social” part refers to the interactions of people by means of sharing and receiving of information while the “media” part refers to any instrument that people used for communication like the internet. From the
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Social media is very interactive. We interact with other people on social media (Snow 2015). An application like Facebook is the commonly used social network wherein people communicate and socialize. Facebook has network-based games that can be used by people to interact with others in a form of a game. These social network became a past time that people especially teens are choosing over television and books. Nevertheless, social media is more than just an entertainment; it is also an instrument that builds a connection with others. Social media helps people in terms of socialization and communication (Mayheld,…show more content…
Social media is neither positive nor negative since it depends on how people perceive and deal with it (Moreno, 2012). This is the purpose of this thesis paper, to showcase both positive and negative effects of social media so that people would be able to control and limit themselves in their usage of social media. This is intended for all of the audience especially for the young people and parents. There is always a double-sided perspective for everything, so as social media. People must dwell not only with the benefits but also to the negative impacts of social media to people and to the
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