Essay On Social Media A Good Thing

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Social Media: A Good Thing or Not? What is Social Media? Social media is a phrase that is very trendy recently. These are words that people commonly throw around a lot. Social media is sometimes used in describing what people post on websites or apps in the internet like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and others. This term is somewhat basically used to describe any websites on the internet today. Perhaps, instead of complicating things, to clearly understand the meaning of social media is to break it down to simpler terms. The “social” part refers to the interactions of people by means of sharing and receiving of information while the “media” part refers to any instrument that people used for communication like the internet. From the two different terms, it can form a basic definition of social media. From the two separated terms, social media is a web-based tool for communication enabling people to socialize and interact with each other. Today through social media, people are connected easily (Miller, 2016). However, there are pros and cons of everything just like in social media. In a world of technology, social media can connect people to anyone in this world instantly, yet it has taken the lead in…show more content…
The Rice University conducted a research study in the year 2007 about the characteristics of social media and what makes it a large-online social network that is very successful. According to Ryan Dube, this study emphasizes an essential point comparing web pages to social media. Web pages are based on the content while social media is based on the people or the users. This leads to the conclusion of the study that the core of social media is the users which makes it a progressive one. Based on the study, there are 5 major characteristics of social media that differentiate it from a regular web page, these are: user-based, interactive, relationships, community driven and emotions over
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