Social Media Is Harmful For Society

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Fights, divorces, cyber bullying, and so much more tragedies happened on social media daily. Social media is harmful for society. This can be proven by how many people have regretted something they have posted on social media, how many relationships have been affected because of social media, and the dangers of false identities on social media. Have people ever thought of how dangerous social media could actually be? Social media has affected many people's lives in a negative way. However, how many people have regretted something they have posted on social media and how old are those social media users that have regretted it? Imagine putting something mean to someone else that ended up on Facebook. If, that post hurt that person really bad, and it made the rest of their life terrible would that affect the person that posted it? Well it…show more content…
Probably everyone has at least one time. Well, one day as i was walking to school my friend was telling me that their was a friend of her's that we both knew, and that girl liked this boy. However, she did not know how to talk to him so she decided to make an account with false identity she sent the request he accepted her, but the account was all fake she also posted pictures about other people , but not herself. She would text the boy, but he did not know who she was so when he would ask what her name was she would say a way different name. Now imagine how creepy that is when it is a child doing that, but know imagine an older person doing that to a young person wouldn't that be creepy. Having a false identity endangers other people because first of all they do not know who you are. Also, it can endanger a person because if a person posts something on social media of where they are that person with false identity can kidnap, or do something to the person. Kelly Wallace states that there is “25% of people that admit profile with false
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