Social Media Is The Norm Of The Modern World

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Introduction Social media is the norm of the modern world. It is the tool that people has been using to keep in touch with people around them by sharing latest feeds, pictures and videos. It is also a stream that allows them to share all kind of things happening all over the world. This includes the news alerts or events such as musical concerts and award ceremonies , their favorite sport scores and results, job vacancies and even wedding. [10] With the rise of social media, the beginnings of the fall in popularity of traditional media like newspapers, magazines, radio and television have been more evident within the results of recent surveys and polls carried out within the industry. These traditional medias is already becoming out of date since most people has been watching and reading the same news stories with the help of social media or from online sources [1] [2]. Besides, there are more advertisers have been moving their marketing budgets to grow their popularity of platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Google and Twitter. However, there is no argument that sophistication in social media marketing is on the rise and creates unprecedented opportunities to connect with customers and constituencies. This explosion of Internet applications and other social media has shifted and expanded the world of marketing and it will never be the same. But, we cannot expect traditional media to disappear any time soon. Those people who have predicted the disappearance of traditional

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