Social Media Literature Review

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Literature Review
The influence of social media on buying behaviour can be on any products. Quality, brand advertising or price could affect consumer decision-making. In 2003, Western Kentucky University used a sample of 249 consumers ' purchases to analyze the type of product purchased, and the cost of item. The results of this research present that consumers are buying either expensive or inexpensive items, which are so based on recommendations from social media by their social media friends and contacts (Vespoli and Forbes, 2013). Marketers could consider that buying behaviour of customer is being affected by social media. As per the recommendations on purchases visible, 59% of all respondents were using Facebook as their social media tool when they received a product recommendation. Twitter with thirty seven percent using people. By such kind of results, social media has influenced their buying behaviour. The relationship between social media and consumer decision-making present that social media affects brand, advertising and intentions of purchasing by consumer. It will not necessarily affect consumer’s decision-making, but might affect somehow indirectly somewhere in mind (Taining, 2012).Social media can build brand attitudes that affect buying behaviour. The good image of brand or product can lead the consumer to make decision on their purchases. When consumer’s friend on social media shares or recommends services or products on their social media, it affects brand
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