Social Network Marketing

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Literature Review
Social media marketing has nowadays becoming the most important tool of marketing and making masses aware of the product and services offered. Every marketer dreams to rule the social media market an outreach is very large and authentic with prompt responses from the targeted market.
Focusing on real customer satisfaction, social network marketing is the real confront to synergized marketing management. Social network marketing based on its resemblance to word of mouth marketing which has always been seen as most important tool due to its effectiveness. Social network marketing can be very speedy and cheaper than all the other platforms of real and on field marketing, and it should be incorporated and closely linked with
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These new media have threatened long established business models and corporate strategies, but also provide great opportunities for growth through new adaptive and innovative strategies. Thorstein Hennig et al. (2010) introduces a new structure of this new media’s innovation’s impact on relationships and contact with customers and identifies all the phenomena which organizations should take into consideration when managing and planning their relationships with customers in this new media universe.
Social networking Sites, Merits and Demerits:
Social networking can be used to make regimes fall, as seen in Pakistan nowadays and Egypt in past. Recently in 2011, a comprehensive study of Protestants on Tahrir square of an Arab state, Egypt protests. Here Wilson (2011) studied that usage of social networking in generalized term, and Facebook in particularity, provided new platforms of information and ideas sharing that the establishment could not control and monitor easily. Half of those attracted to the protest, reacted and spread visuals, mainly through Facebook.
That clearly indicates that through the social networking, the speed of awareness spreading among the people of same minds and thinking is very high and
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The results recommend that there is a negative online networking impact on film industry execution in remote markets, as Twitter vicinity diminished incomes by a normal of more or less $30 million. Audience appears to be unwilling to see motion pictures in theaters offering female stars that are dynamic in online networking, recommending that unique consideration tend to be practiced when selecting female leads. Studios tend to consider a performing artist's expert achievements, as well as their general vicinity and fame as an open figure on social networking (VanDerPloeg,
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