Social Media Menace

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Connected yet disconnected—is this really what social networking has turned us into? Knowing that social media has some issues, have you ever wondered whether social media is a comfort or a menace? We can solve the many issues of social media so that social networks remain to be a credible source of information, a means for public awareness, a platform for connecting with other people and for strengthening offline and online relationships, a medium for crowdsourcing and solidarity, and a place for engaging in business. Zuckerberg (2018) wrote in a Facebook post that social media enables people to spread information faster than ever before. In fact, a poll showed that a majority of traditional media reporters relied on social media to check for breaking news (Weaver & Willnat, 2014). People, however, argue that with the speedy dissemination of information, unreliable and false information is also able to circulate quickly. According to Ivancin, Kjarval, Loker, Rosenstiel, and Sonderman (2015), a new study found out that about 64% of people who use Twitter for news say that they have encountered something they later discovered wasn 't true. Luckily, it is possible to combat the spread of false information. As social networkers, we need to take responsibility for identifying “fake news” and for publicizing that a certain piece of information that has spread through social media is actually unreliable or false. By doing so, we are able to keep social media a credible source of

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