Social Media Negative Effects

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Social Media Effects
“Smartphones are used by almost everyone…” (Hillard 31). Technology allows for others to connect and obtain knowledge from all around the world. Back when there wasn’t a significant advancement of technology, social media was spread through the process of newspapers. With new technology now being created, advancements are beginning to spread rapidly around the globe. However, there are effects of the advancement of social media. Social media has effects such as limiting social interaction, mental illnesses, and physical dependency.
Social Effects
Various social problems occur from the use of social media. Since technology is always improving, new inventions are being made to accommodate the new social media craze. These new technologies develop more room for distractions, this prevents others to miss the things from everyday life happening. Due to a person involving their life mainly on social media and letting it lead their daily lives, there is a decrease in the amount of social interactions between others such as family (“Negative Effects” 2). There is less conversations happening between family members due to the addiction of social media.
With the idea of wanting to spend lots of time on websites and using social media there is the decrease in the time others spend together overall. There begins to be relationships built off of online communication instead of face to face interactions (“Negative Effects” 5). People begin to spend
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