Social Media Negative Essay

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We are living in a world that full of surprises. We cannot say or predict what will happen next. In every second, minute and hour that passes by, the world is continuously changing – the way we live and the way we communicate. The changes in life may offer or produce greatest advantages or it could be the other way around. Today’s technology is the very suitable example for ceaseless change. It helps us in lots of things. It serves as an extension of every individual in everyday living. It continually grow and develop into more advance model. Try to take a look in your surroundings. What can you see or notice? It seems like this thing subdued big space in our life. We often say that we are made to be productive and enjoy what life has to offer but the question is in what way? We have so many external factors that can be considered as source of entertainment yet can be a great distraction and one of those things is social media. Is this invention a good thing or a bad thing? – The commonly asked question. This thing aims to provide easiness in life and makes us feel the lightness in every task but we cannot change the fact that it has negative impact in every aspect of a person. Is this thing going to change us for the better or will bring out the worst in us? There are lots of consequences when it comes to Social Media. Having too much exposure really affects one’s personality and can change how person think. Crimes, unwanted sexual content and exploitations are one of the
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