Social Media Negative Impact

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Social media is the social interface among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. Users of social media are escalating exponentially and it is changing the dynamics of social interaction by empowering them. In the society, the role of social media is very crucial as media creates awareness, change the perception of people and helps in decision making. Social media has become the voice of the people by shaping the way information is transmitted to the public. The paper highlights how social media, a catalyst for social change, is definitely a boon to our world, yet misuse or irresponsible usage can have negative effects on individual and society.
Keywords: Awareness, information, perception, social change, virtual.
Social media is the medium which is widely used in the world by everyone, especially the younger generation. The very good and unique features of social media has enabled users to generate their own content. Sharing pictures, texts messages, videos and publishing our own content has been possible now. It is a place where someone can get share their views, get educated and discuss freely on any issue of their interest. The main application of social media is that it can easily change the perception of people and therefore used to society wellbeing. Social media can be used to foster individual and social change around the world. On social media large number of people
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