Social Media Negative

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This essay deals with the positiv and negative aspects of social media marketing (SMM). Since the industrial revolution in 19. century all technical devolments are advancing faster than before. But the social media revolution in 1970 „changed the way we communicate, we live and we do business“. With regard to the future is it important that everyone is aware of the impacts social media marketing provides focusing on social networking marketing. . The enormous growth of social media has a great influence on the manner of communication of companys since 2005. Since then,there is the possibility in social networks not only to communicated with potential. customers and other participants but also to interact to achieve organization goals on a wide platform. This has led to a rethinking of our society as we communicate with each other or how companies interact with Stakholders. The social networks work on a similar principle as „Word of Mouth“.Every participant has the opportunity to share a content through posts with connected users. This users have also the oppotunity to share the content again, so that the range of content can have a huge extent (p.1). Differently to social media marketing, social network marketing is only dealing with platforms like Facebook and Twitter as the most important platform with more than 1.4 billion users in 2015. Mit fast 26 Millionen Nutzer alleine in Deutschland liegt Facebook deutlich an der Spitze. Statistikportal Statista The social

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