Social Media Negatives

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Social media is a double edged sword which may effect people either negatively or positively according to it’s way of usage .Social media is the interaction and communication between a group of people or individuals in which they post, share, and exchange ideas on the internet changing the way in which teen interact with their parents and friends as well as how they make use of technology which have been interesting to observe in People that are being able to communicate and talk with each despite the distance between them as in countries with a finger click ;however, parents had been opposing social media because of it’s massive burden to their children , friends and family as a whole in which it causes many physical , mental and even emotional damage as in cyber-bullying , depression and social isolation and obesity. Some people say that cruelty is not limited to social media, the bully doesn’t need a social network to precedes his job and that social network is just 1 of the many ways of bullying he may use ,besides bullies are everywhere and they are not entitled to the social network in which we can find them in schools, universities and even at work ;however, In todays high technological environment parents argue that Social media (facebook) became the main source of bullies in social to teenagers and young adolescent whom are open to internet predators because of its nature and it’s ability to create open posts and send individual messages and
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