Social Media Pitfalls

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The world has witnessed an outburst of the Internet-supported social media platforms. In 2005, it was estimated that 65% of America’s population used at least one social media platform (Bussert, 2010, p.24). According to a report by Pew Research Center, social media affects different areas of human life either positively or negatively. The most affected areas include work, communication patterns, business operations, news consumption, political deliberation, culture, health, parenting, teenage life, and social life (Gladwell & Shirky, 2011, p.32). This explains why social media has come to gain support and opposition almost in almost equal proportions (Bussert, 2010). In other words, some members of the society believe that social media is more harmful than it is beneficial while a sizeable portion believes that social media has more positive impacts than negative ones (Bussert, 2010, p.22). Indeed, even researchers and government authorities have clearly indicated that social media has a positive side and a negative side. However, no scientific study has investigated and compared the benefits and pitfalls of social media to determine which outruns the other. In other words, the net impact of social media on the society is yet to be established. This brings up the need to answer the research question whether the benefits of social media outrun its pitfalls or vice versa. Indeed, social media has more benefits than pitfalls because it creates awareness in the population,
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