Social Media Positive And Negative Essay

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Social media has become a common phenomenon that is spread all over the world. And day by day, people are getting more addicted and attached to that phenomenon. Moreover, the majority of people think that social media has nothing but negative impacts. In fact, social media affects people in both ways; positively and negatively. To the majority of teens, the effect of social media has been positive (Chung, 2013). That is in which many individuals, and especially students, use social media in order to access some websites, and get some needed information. Social media also helps keeping people in touch no matter how far they are. “They don’t have to worry about losing touch because social media has it covered” (Chung, 2013, para4). On the other hand, social media has its negative impacts, by which some people use it improperly, and that leads to waste of time. However,…show more content…
“Interaction on a human level has become less frequent in a person’s day-to-day living arrangements” (Falcon,2012, para7). In time where social media tried to strengthen the relationship between people no matter how far they are, the misuse among all individuals, and especially teenagers, has damaged it all. People today are always on their phones texting, watching videos or even playing games. Even while hanging out with friends or family, they would spend all time chatting and accessing social networks. But to stay real, social media had never taught us to waste our time on such insignificant issues, conversely it was found to ease our lives by offering countless numbers of websites that provide us by a broad variety of information and services. The wrong image of social media should be eliminated from our minds, but first how could we spread awareness about using social networks efficiently, and in the right
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