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Social Media Needs to Have a More Positive Effect Imagine you live a life of constantly wishing you were someone else, hating the way you look or wanting to end your life altogether. That is how some people feel every day because of some sort of social media platform. Looking through your favorite celebrity’s Instagram, envying the way they look and the life they live. Over 80% of teens use a smartphone daily, making social media very popular. Yes, there are positives, but the problems that social media can cause can be very serious. First off, social media does deserve a thumbs up for giving people jobs and to be able to contact friends and family but can lead you in a black hole, called depression. A total of 6.9% of the United States population…show more content…
Cyberbullying can end in a death of someone's child. On social media, people will say things that they would never in a million years say to someone in person. 23% of people who use social media have been a target of cyberbullying, and about 15% have been the bully. Many teens are scared to tell their parents when cyberbullying occurs because they are scared they will get their internet access taken away. There are around 4,500 deaths caused by online bullying. Cyberbullying can occur in many different forms. Leaving hurtful comments on a post, starting or spreading rumors, posting a harmful video, blackmailing, or even sexual harassment. Research shows girls are more likely to be a victim of cyberbullying. They are more involved in the social media world and put themselves out there more than boys. Looking at this, cyberbullying is a major problem with social…show more content…
Swipe right if you like, swipe left if you do not like. With an estimated 50 million users, Tinder has around 12 million matches. My friend met her boyfriend on Tinder, and they have been together for around a year. Showing that social media can be used to create a friendship and a relationship. Making a living is possible over social media. YouTube, which is a video sharing platform has made a living for hundreds of users. Pewdiepie, who is the most successful YouTuber, has 54 million subscribers. He made around 15 million dollars in 2016. These many Youtubers that have made a living sharing their life with the internet by posting videos. Many people say that they have the dream job. Most YouTubers are able to buy whatever they dream of and it is all because of an app and the users of the app.
Overall, social media has given dream lives to many, giving people a relationship or employing them. In reality, knowing that social media can cause a death of someone is crazy to think about. Social media can bring so much to people’s lives, but it also can destroy someone's life. Social media can change the way someone thinks about himself. People's lives should not be this affected by social media, but they are. These things are a big problem that needs to be fixed. It is going to be hard, but it has to start
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