Reflective Essay: Gentleness And Life

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I certify that I have read all of the readings. Admittedly, feelings of outrage arose while watching the video about the murder of Arthur McDuffie. Especially, hearing his mother repeat the phase “The Beat him like a dog!” caused my heart to ache. Sad to say, this abuse is contemporaneous. During the 1980’s, I was a five-year-old little girl living in Gary, Indiana; never aware of the riot in Miami caused by this abysmal act. Nevertheless, the number of violent killing of black men by law enforcement is escalating drastically. As a result, the large presence of social media today, which make people more cognizant of the acts daily. We cannot turn on the news without seeing someone murdered, beaten, or attacked by law enforcement. Law enforcement…show more content…
Overall, this class has been a soul searching, heart pricking, and humbling process weekly. It helps me to make decisions that is removes self from the center and focus on the needs of others. Every class I am learning the heart of my peers and how to cultivate it with respect, gentleness and love. In a world, where disagreements can be viewed negatively; it is greatly needed to help move toward solutions. Periodically, the class was asked what resonated with us from the readings, videos, and discussions. What resonated the most is the will power of every member of the civil rights movement. This could be viewed from the aggressors like Bull Connor to the Diane Nash. The only difference between the two sides was whomever had the most support would win. The Freedom riders will power helped them to accomplish what activists before fought hard to start. All did not get to the see change come about, but change is still happening today. We may not be as far as we should be, but we will take some change as a step in the right direction. Over the years, the civil rights movement went from worst to better and we must continue to strive for better! We cannot allow the fight for our civil rights go in
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