Opinion Mining And Sentiment Analysis

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A Use of Social media for opinion mining:An overview (with the use of hybrid textual and visual sentiment ontology)

Chandra Gupta Maurya
M.E Computer Engineering
Prof. Sandeep Gore


Twitter is a famous social media platform where users express their opinions on different topics. The messages are called as tweets. There is a tremendous rise in social networking where people share millions of thoughts daily. The aim of this report is to build an algorithm that can accurately classify Tweets as positive or negative with respect to a specific subject. The proposed system uses the training data set dictionary to observe the semantic orientation
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A picture is worth a thousand words, The sentiment analysis is very useful for extracting the users sentiments towards the events individual, product, topics from such a large scale of visual contents.
A very basic step of opinion mining and sentiment analysis is feature extraction. Figure 1 shows the process of opinion mining and sentiment analysis. Fig.1. the process of opinion mining and sentiment analysis.

Sentiment analysis is a process that finds opinion, views, emotions and attitudes of mining from text, image, speech & visual tweets and database sources through Natural Language Processing (NLP). Sentiment opinions are categories into three types positive, negative and neutral. The below given basic steps is using for both textual and visual sentiment analysis.

Basic steps for Sentiment analysis in hybrid system:

1- Raw data collection

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In this paper we considered the opinion words as the combination of the adjectives along with the verbs and adverbs. In our work we are using corpus-based method to find the semantic orientation of adjectives and the training data set or dictionary-based method is employed to find the semantic orientation of verbs and adverbs. Then the overall tweet sentiment calculated by using a linear equation which incorporates emotion intensifiers
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