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Introduction Attention getter: Who in here has heard of Generation X, Y, or Z or know what it means? Background and audience relevance: Generation X, Generation Y, and Generation Z has many names and terminology for this culture and the most popular term currently being tossed around is the word Millennials. You have probably heard the word being used at least once in the past month or so whether it is on the news, on social media, or in school. Speaker 's credibility: As a member of society, I am part of this generation. Thesis: By learning about Generation XYZ, the audience will have a wider understanding of our society. Preview of main points: First, I will be defining what Generation X, Y, and Z is and discuss the origins of the term. Second, I will talk about the characteristics of these generations and where we fit in. Third, I will talk about what comes after Gen X, Y, and Z. Transition to first main point: What…show more content…
The photo essay titled Generation X was published in a magazine called Picture Post. Years after that the term Generation X was used to describe these lost teens/adults of their generation. This term was later popularized and brought attention to the mass media by the author Douglas Coupland in his novel, “Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture”, published in 1991, that talks about teenagers that are considered Generation X, living in California and their experiences. The term Generation Y, also known as the Millennials, was first used in the an editorial for a magazine called Ad Age, using the term to describe the generation after Generation X. And as for Generation Z, there are several possible creditors to who coined the term Generation Z or iGeneration, but it was roughly coined around

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