Social Media Synthesis Essay

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The government is constantly trying to figure out ways to use social media to their advantage even if their ideas are a little bizarre. Throughout recent years, individuals are constantly using social media for their everyday use. It 's surprising to see how technology has become more efficient and resourceful for every individual. It has become a great part of our lives that even the government has decided to join the buzz in social media. In this article, it was said that the government is capable of forecasting elections by using a tool called Twindex. Twindex was used for forecasting the winner of the 2012 presidential election. During the presidential election, traditional polls indicated that Romney was in the lead but Twindex provided…show more content…
Once discussing this article with Bertha Hernandez, my mother, we came to a conclusion regarding the government in social media. She inferred that she has seen multiple amounts of ads and polls in her own social media, which consists mostly of Facebook. She mentioned that she constantly sees a variety of political ads on her Facebook page every single day and on her television targeted to all individuals. It comes to show that the government is trying to get younger people to come and vote. Less and less young people vote in elections since they don’t keep up with news on television, so the government tries to reach out to them through social media. My mother believes that if it weren’t for social media, younger individuals wouldn’t be voting at all since they’re less likely to keep up with the news, in which I agree. But thanks to social media, all young people use the media as a resource to find out the latest news using apps such as Twitter and Facebook. My mother was astonished by the fact that Vancouver uses Twitter, as a resource, to notify their residents in advanced about the garbage collection. Before the use of Twitter, Vancouver had confusing schedules that led to overflowing bins on their streets. In order to solve this issue, Vancouver turned to Twitter for help. They were able to set up a website, in which allowed their residents to sign up for notifications tweets. Those tweets were sent out to remind people to take out their trash ahead of time. This made
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