Social Media Vs Mass Media

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Some say in today’s society no one really pays attention to what we are communicating to one another. Tearing down the barriers of time and space, media over-stimulates our egos and blocks the whispers of the needs of people around us. Urban environments literally squeeze us together yet our hearts are never this far apart. Hong Kong, despite its notorious population density, is one silent city. This impression lasted a long time as this has been the case for me while growing up.
During younger years, television time was my favourite. Coming home from school, I had my eyes glued to the screen for the rest of the afternoon. Let it be cartoons or commercials, 6-year-old me enjoyed the fact that colourful animals were talking and running around — it was the moving images that kept me riveted. I guess that led to the development of my interest in modern television series, which I would spend hours binging the entire season. My family would watch television during dinnertime and we would spend the night discussing the plot of a drama series, I think it really gave us a common topic to bond over. Time passed and I had a regular preteen phase where I obsessed over celebrities, so magazines are without a doubt the best way to find out every detail about their lives. I have to say that mass media played a fairly big part of my early life.
Being a millennial, social media has definitely had more impact on myself than the mass media, so I will be focusing my account on the former.
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