Essay On Social Media And Health Promotion

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"Attention to health is life's greatest hindrance" quoted by Plato. Healthiness is essential subject matter which gives plays the uttermost level of our lifetime. From healthcare refinement to technological advances, to the ethics of face up to death, the public discussion about healthcare has no shortage of energetic conversation. Meanwhile, blogs and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have gather much consciousness in recent years. As to a greater extent many of us turn to social media, they require to consider out the proper relationship between healthcare and social media will increasingly be part of the discussion. Health is social, social is health. Since health is the spirit of life and our lives depend on the success of how we collaborate and get along and…show more content…
Mobile social media applications can be used create information and motivation on physical activity and healthy eating. Content communities can provide health content that users can learn or by inspired from about healthy behaviours. However, the complexity of social media and health promotion entails that the many possibilities for health promotion should be evaluated on a theoretical basis before allocating capital to certain elements of social media. (Nicolai Baek Trautner, May 2013).
It has good further scope in social media to become an undeniable force, and its rapid, informal communication style represents both possibility and liability for healthcare organizations and consumers. Good policies and training help organizations pursue the benefits and mitigate the risks. Social media healthcare, if designed well, managed correctly, and supported by the system, could optimize both patient and provider experiences. But patients and providers need to live together in this space and be supported by the system to ensure social media is a cure and not a

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