Social Media's Impact On English Language

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MEDIA THAT MATTERS: MOBILE TEXTING LEADS TO LANGUAGE DECAY Dr.S.Mercy Gnana Gandhi Sathyabama University Abstract: Objectives: The paper briefly discusses about the impact of social media that uncontrollably affect the language standards of society, particularly student generation and makes an analysis on the usage of media. Method/Analysis: Usage of unrecognizable smileys and abbreviations were the major cause for language pollution which results in low academic output. Students’ typed conversations through social media were collected and their language skills were analyzed. A student faces serious problems with articles, prepositions, verbs, tenses, sentence construction and even with spelling. Texting using abbreviated letters are not only destroying English language standards but also spoiling the students’ language skills. Findings: Poor grammatical convention, the major reason for students’ failure, was identified in their chats and conversations through media. Particularly, punctuations were completely omitted and an analysis was made on the usage of them. A survey on students’ opinion at the use of ‘textese’ was conducted at Sathyabama University for different branches of Engineering students at various levels. An interesting set of responses with strong opinions were received , which are both flippant and considerate. Around 10 students from the various branches of the university were asked to give the copies of all the text

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