Social Media's Impact On IMC

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Aileen Véronique Schabel MSc. International Marketing Student ID : 20140415 05.05.2015 SOCIAL MEDIA’S IMPACT ON IMC Marketing Communication Individual Assignment Problem Evaluate how the emergence of social media has affected IMC. Using real-life examples of IMC campaigns, critically assess how interactivity can enhance or hinder the effectiveness of IMC campaigns. Abstract INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is known as the concept of planning, executing, and monitoring a brands communications and messages with the objective of creating customer relationships. IMC provides an approach to continuously managing day to day interactions with customers and delivering a consistent message…show more content…
Identification with an organization or brand is in fact often the first step to establishing a brand-customer relationship (Bhattacharya and Sen 2003). - Allows customers to collect more information on their own Disadvantages - Risk of noise around the brand (on the different networks, from different sources, different messages) - Risk of incoherent messages/communication - Negative Ideas/Comments/Feedback/Critique spread fast and can still be found and accessed by anyone at any time long after it has been taken care of ( important for organizations to stay ahead and engaged in discussion) - Customers can be overwhelmed by mass of messages received  diminish chances of perceiving the own messages  find new creative ways to stand out and reach the customer - ‘Word of mouth’ communication between customers (can be good or bad; stay informed and engaged) - IMC…show more content…
Makes people expect more, higher. Campaign cant reach those standards, doesn’t measure up to the expectations  negative impact on customer-brand relationship People hype each other continuously through social media. Everyone is talking about it. Basically word of mouth, just broader, larger audience. If a hype does happen, you’re first diaspointed, then the product drops, after the hype is gone you revisit and evaluate and reflect, might realize that its not as bad afterall. Anchorman2 Carrie – horror movie in the 70ies, got remade – social media campaign; rigged entire coffee store; one or two customers, the rest actors. Chairs floating, etc to promote the movie. Went viral and kicked off hype. Movie ended up being a flop. Enhance: Can broaden the target audience BUT HYPE i.e. overflow of the same message everywhere can cause customers to get bored, not pay attention

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